Agreement on Sale of Services Provision


On Sale of Services Provision

Between GX BLOCKS ENERGY S.A. formed under the laws of Greece with a registered office at Kleisthenous 265 str. in Gerakas, Attica with GCR No.:  149252701000 and TIN: 801106783 legally represented in this Agreement by its Administrator and  b).................... (henceforth for the purposes of brevity shall be called “Prospective Customer”)

  1. Definitions
    1.1. Service Provider: GX Blocks
    1.2. Agreement: The present Agreement as is signed by the Parties
    1.3. Parties: The contracting parties in the present Agreement
    1.4. Customer: The natural person that undertakes the obligations of the present terms for them personally or the legal person that undertakes them
    1.5. Hosting Platform: The Hash Power Provision Service that carries out hosted ASIC Hardware on 3rd Party Pools.
    1.6. Contract Term: The dates within which the service is provided.
    1.7. Registered User: The natural or legal person that has completed the registration form and has been accepted by the Service Provider.
    1.8. Withdrawal: The periodic deposit to your Balance, dependent on the service.
    1.9. Annex: The Annex to the present Agreement that includes the Terms of Service Provision of the Service Provider

2. Preamble

2.1. The Service Provider through provides to the Registered User the capability to receive access to computing hash power that the Service Provider produces which may be used by the Registered User to mine crypto currency.
2.2. The Parties wish to enter into this Agreement in order to prepare the conclusion of a Services Agreement with the terms set forth in the Annex.

3.Object of the Agreement
3.1. The Prospective Customer undertakes to provide:
      3.1.1. Fiat currencies or Crypto
3.2. The Service Provider undertakes to provide in exchange for the above provision of Fiat currencies or Crypto :
      3.2.1. A Leasing Computing Power Contract (?) as is described in the terms of Annex and with the same or substantially similar provisions.
      3.2.2. Should the Service Provider not fulfil the above mentioned undertaking it shall be liable to return the total sum of crypto/fiat currency mentioned in point 3.1.1 to the same mode of payment without providing any additional expense or any interest on that sum.
      3.2.3. The Service Provider may also provide the sum paid by the Prospective Customer in an equivalence of Bitcoin, XRP or Ethereum (based on the exchange rate of the average price of the following three exchanges (Coinbase/ Bitstamp/ Kraken) on the day of the return) or in other fiat currency (based on the exchange rate of the above average price of exchanges on the day of the return if the sum was in crypto or on the exchange rate of the Bank of Greece if the sum was in fiat currency on the day of the return).
       3.2.4. The Service Provider shall not materially change the terms provided in Annex.
 If such change is required by law or legal precedent or decision of a regulatory authority or legal opinion it shall not be considered a material change for the purposes of the present Agreement.

4. Assignment/Substitution
4.1. The Parties undertake not to assign or be substituted in any of their undertakings arising out of the present agreement to third parties nor to transfer any benefits arising out of this Agreement to third parties.
4.1.1. The Service Provider may be substituted by another legal person that is majority owned by it. Should this occur the Prospective Customer shall be notified.

5.Legal Obligations
5.1. The parties shall cooperate fully and in good faith for any legal obligations that they have, especially arising out of taxation, accounting or KYC/AML legislation.

6.1. The parties undertake the obligation to maintain the Agreement confidential.

7.1. Any modifications to this Agreement shall be made in writing.
7.2. Modifications may not be made via email or the exchange of letters.

8.Previous Agreements
8.1. Any previous agreements on the issues arising out of the present Agreement shall be considered replaced.

9.Amicable Resolution
9.1. Before any filing of injunction or lawsuit the parties shall seek the mediation of an Athens, Greece based mediator.
9.1.1. If one of the parties refuses to agree to such mediation the other party shall have the right to call the refusing party to a mediation meeting in Athens, Greece by giving at least fifteen (15) days written notice served by a Greece-based process server for the Service Provider or for the Prospective Customer by the appropriate equivalent officer of the court.

9.1.2. The process mentioned point 8.1 must be followed before any filing of an injunction or lawsuit.

10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
10.1. The responsible courts for any matter arising out of the present Agreement shall be the Courts of Athens, Greece.
10.2. Applicable laws shall be the laws of Greece.

11. Execution
11.1. Both parties have received each an original of this Agreement and the attached Annex countersigned by the other party.

For the Service Provider

GX Blocks Energy S.A.


For the Prospective Customer


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